TEAK 123 best teak garden furniture manufacturer wholesale in Indonesia

sometimes we confused when buying a furniture, what furniture we buy quality guaranteed or not? expensive or not? but now don't worry because there TEAK 123 Indonesian furniture wholesale and teak furniture manufacturer for outdoor furniture. that provides quality is guaranteed and reliable. teak wood raw material directly get from the government plantation. so we should not hesitate with the production of TEAK 123. guaranteed 100% of the teak gan!. not only that products from TEAK 123 made with mortise, tenon and dovetail joints. all of joints bonded with epoxy adhesive is very strong and reinforced by good quality hardware. so all the furniture in the production TEAK 123 the highest quality standards using either a machine made entirely, or semi-machine made by an experienced carpenter as customers ordered.

in addition to high quality, very competitive price TEAK 123 gan!!! because the price is very competitive many housewives, government, and office use products from TEAK 123. I mentioned the following 3 products from TEAK 123

1. Teak Benches
Teak bench ideal for general use because of their strong nature and the natural resistance and termite damage, and are available in various types of designs and lengths. we usually see in hospital waiting or garden.

2. Teak Chairs
Teak chairs is one of the furniture is very necessary to get a great view and wonderful in our house. Teak123 provides a variety of teak chairs with many styles, models and special designs.

3. Teak folding chair
Teak folding chair 123 provides the products of teak wood that will provide much convenience to you. You can store it in the car, or in our small room, with only FOLDING and use it Whenever you love.

3 products from TEAK123 that I mentioned, for more continued you can visit

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